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New and Forthcoming from William Stallings

new1Computer Security, Fourth Edition (with Lawrie Brown)
A comprehensive treatment of computer security technology, including algorithms, protocols, and applications. Covers cryptography, authentication, access control, database security, cloud security, intrusion detection and prevention, malicious software, denial of service, firewalls, software security, physical security, human factors, auditing, legal and ethical aspects, and trusted systems.. NEW TO THIS EDITION: cloud security, IoT security, updated and expanded coverage of data center security, malware, virtualization security, and privacy.
comingComputer Organization and Architecture, 11th Edition
A unified view of this broad field. Covers fundamentals such as CPU, pipelining, computer arithmetic, instruction set, I/O, and memory. Also covers advanced topics, such as multicore, superscalar, and parallel organization.
Due: March 2018 from Pearson
comingEffective Cybersecurity: Guide to ISO 27001/2, ISF Standard of Good Practice, and other Best Practices and Standards
A comprehensive and unified explanation of the Best Practices and Standards that provide proven, consensus techniques for implementing cybersecurity. Over 14 chapters, the book covers the essential categories of cybersecurity under the four broad areas of security governance, security requirements, control, and monitoring and improvement. Each chapter provides a technical explanation of the topic followed by a discussion of best practices and standards that cover that topic.
Due: June 2018 from Pearson