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Discount Available on Books by William Stallings and Other Pearson Books

Lower price than online bookstores

Get a 35% discount, which gives a significantly lower price than an online bookstore, on my books and other Pearson books and ebooks by going to the InformIT web site via this page and using a coupon code.

InformIT is the online presence for Pearson. The Pearson family includes Addison-Wesley Professional, Cisco Press, IBM Press, Pearson IT Certification, Prentice Hall Professional, QUE, Sams, and VMware Press.

Click on the Author Discount Page link below. Everything you purchase on this visit, even if it does not include one of my books, gets the 35% discount. To get the discount, add the coupon code STALLINGS35 to your shopping cart as you proceed through the purchase.

Stallings Author Page

Note: The following books are not part of the discount program:
Computer Organization and Architecture, 11th Edition is available as an eTextbook and as a hardcopy rental (with option to buy) book
Cryptography and Network Security 8th edition is available as an eTextbook
here. A hardcopy rental (with option to buy) book will be available shortly.