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www_iconUseful Web Sites
orangeball Computer Science Student Resource Site: Help and advice for the long-suffering, overworked student.
orangeball Errata sheet: Latest list of errors, updated at most monthly. File name is Errata-DCC10e-mmyy. If you spot any errors, please contact me at Email.
orangeball cnet Simulator: Developed by Professor Chris McDonald at the University of Western Australia. The cnet network simulator enables experimentation with various data link layer, network layer, routing and transport layer protocols, and with various network configurations.
orangeball Tools Page: Developed by Professor Kenneth Christensen at the University of South Florida. The tools page contains downloadable tools primarily related to performance evaluation of computer networks and to TCP/IP sockets programming. .
orangeball Standards: Variety of information on standards and standards bodies, provided by the IEEE Standards in Education Task Force.
orangeball Data Link Simulator: Developed by Peter King at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. This tool enables students to write connection oriented data link protocols in Java and have them tested on a simulated communication channel.
orangeball IEEE History Center—Communications Section Huge number of papers and oral histories on various aspect of communications history.new3

Chapter 0 - Reader's Guide

orangeball Network World: Information and links to resources about data communications and networking.
orangeball IETF Directory and Database: Maintains archives that relate to the Internet and IETF activities. Includes keyword-indexed library of RFCs and draft documents as well as many other documents related to the Internet and related protocols.
orangeball IEEE Communications Society: Good way to keep up on conferences, publications, etc. Has an on-line copy of my article on IPv6, which updates material in the book.
orangeball ACM Special Interest Group on Communications (SIGCOMM): Good way to keep up on conferences, publications, etc
orangeball International Telecommunications Union: Contains a listing of ITU-T Recommendations, plus information on obtaining ITU-T documents in hard copy or on DVD.
orangeball International Organization for Standardization: Contains a listing of ISO Standards, plus information on obtaining ISO documents in hard copy or on CD-ROM.
orangeball CommsDesign: Lot of useful articles, tutorials, and product information. A bit hard to navigate, but worthwhile.
orangeball Internetworking Technology Handbook: An excellent survey of many technical topics related to networking and telecommunications. Published online by Cisco.
orangeball NITRD: The Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) Program provides a framework in which many Federal agencies come together to coordinate their networking and information technology (IT) research and development (R&D) efforts. This site contains a number of useful reports.
orangeball RFCs: IETF RFC repository. Includes a complete list of all RFCs, constantly updated.
orangeball RFC Sourcebook: Provides the relevant information in the RFC in an easy to use, easy to access format.

Chapter 2 - Protocol Architecture

orangeball Windows Sockets Development Information: A guide to users of WinSock, including sample source code and links to other pages.
orangeball UNIX Socket FAQ: Good list of questions and answers.
orangeball Beej's Guide to Network Programming: Using Sockets.
orangeball TCP/IP Sockets in C: Practical Guide for Programmers- Baylor University Presentation.new3
orangeball Network Programing with Internet Sockets- Lots of useful links.new3
orangeball OSI History: A brief history of the origins of the OSI model.

Chapter 3 - Data Transmission

orangeball Fourier Series Synthesis: An excellent visualization tool for Fourier series.
orangeball Johns Hopkins Signals Demonstrations: Another source of visualization tools.
orangeball Math and Physics Applets: Yet another source of visualization tools.

Chapter 4 - Transmission Media

orangeball Wireless Developer Network: News, tutorials, and discussions on wireless topics
orangeball Siemon Company: Good collection of technical articles on cabling, plus information about cabling standards.
orangeball Guide to Fiber Optics and Premises Cabling: From the Fiber Optics Association. A tremendous amount of technical material.
orangeball U.S. Frequency Allocation Chart

Chapter 8 - Multiplexing

orangeball Broadband Forum: Includes a FAQ and technical information about ADSL and other xDSL technologies. Forum specifications.
orangeball SONET Home Page: Useful links, tutorials, white pages, FAQs.
orangeball Wavelength Division Multiplexing: This Web site provides a good overview of WDM and includes links to Fiber Optics Association Web pages that serve as portals for a wide range of other fiber optic communications topics.

Chapter 9 - WAN Technologies and Protocols

orangeball Cisco’s Guide to ATM Technology: An excellent survey of many technical topics related to ATM.

Chapter 10 - Cellular Wireless Networks

orangeball Wireless World Research Forum: Useful collection of white papers and briefings on mobile wireless networks.
orangeball Mobility Development Group: A consortium of wireless companies active in CDMA wireless systems around the world.
orangeball Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association: Another industry consortium.
orangeball 4G Americas: A trade group of Western Hemisphere companies supporting 3G and 4G. Includes industry news, white papers, and other technical information.
orangeball 4G Wireless Standard: This site provides a good overview of 4G wireless systems and the differences between 3G and 4G network capabilities. Links to other 4G information sources are provided.

Chapter 11 - LAN Overview

orangeball IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee: Status and documents for all of the working groups.

Chapter 12 - Ethernet

orangeball Ethernet: Provides general Ethernet information, technical specifications, an Ethernet reading list, and an image of inventor Robert Metcalf's original 1976 Ethernet drawing.
orangeball Ethernet Alliance: This consortium promotes Ethernet technology and products. Site includes numerous white papers.
orangeball Metro Ethernet Forum: This consortium promotes the use of Ethernet for metropolitan and wide area applications, especially Carrier Ethernet for wide-area telecommunications. Site includes numerous white papers.
orangeball 25G Ethernet Consortium: Consortium to promote 25- and 50-Gbps Ethernet.
orangeball NBASE-T Alliance: Consortium to promote 2.5- and 5-Gbps Ethernet.
orangeball IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group: Latest documents, including task force documents for 40-Gbps and 100-Gbps Ethernet.
orangeball LAN Interoperability Lab: University of New Hampshire (equipment testing for ATM, FDDI, Fast Ethernet, FDSE, Ethernet, OSPF, Network Management (SNMP), Token Ring, VG-AnyLAN).
orangeball Power over Ethernet (PoE): This site is a good source of PoE news, articles, and PoE (IEEE 802.3af) and PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) product reviews.
orangeball HomePlug Alliance: This consortium promotes the use of Ethernet over electric power lines in home and office environments. Site includes white papers and technical specifications.

Chapter 13 - Wireless LANs

orangeball Wi-Fi Alliance: An industry group promoting the interoperabiltiy of 802.11 products with each other and with Ethernet.
orangeball IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Working Group: Contains working group documents plus discussion archives.
orangeball Certified Wireless Network Professional: White papers, links, and other resources related to WiFi.
orangeball Li-Fi Consortium: Li-Fi is a fast, inexpensive optical wireless communication system that may be useful as an alternative to Wi-Fi in some environments and for some requirements.

Chapter 14 - The Internet Protocol

orangeball IPv6 Forum: An industry consortium that promotes IPv6-related products. Includes a number of white papers and articles.
orangeball Global IPv6 Deployment Progress Report: This site provides metrics for global IPv6 deployment. These statistics are updated daily.
orangeball First Internet Connection: Fascinating video discussion by Leonard Kleinrock.

Chapter 15 -Transport Protocols

orangeball Internet Congestion Control Research Group An Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) Research Group for the discussion and review of TCP congestion control mechanisms.
orangeball ICSI Networking Group: One of the most active groups in the areas covered in this chapter. The site contains many papers and useful pointers.
orangeball TCP-Friendly Website: Summarizes some of the recent work on adaptive congestion control algorithms for non-TCP based applications, with a specific focus on schemes that share bandwidth fairly with TCP connections.
orangeball TCP Maintenance Working Group: Chartered by IETF to make minor revisions to TCP and to update congestion strategies and protocols. The web site includes all relevant RFCs and Internet drafts.

Chapter 17 - Wireless Transmission Techniques

orangeball Spread Spectrum Scene: Excellent source of information, including technical papers, links, and an online magazine.

Chapter 18 - Wireless Networks

orangeball WiMAX Forum: Technical specs, plus numerous white papers and vendor papers.
orangeball Bluetooth SIG: Contains all the standards, numerous other documents, and news and information on Bluetooth companies and products.

Chapter 19 - Routing

orangeball Inter-Domain Routing Working Group: Chartered by IETF to revise BGP and related standards. The web site includes all relevant RFCs and Internet drafts.
orangeball OSPF Working Group: Chartered by IETF to develop OSPF and related standards. The web site includes all relevant RFCs and Internet drafts.

Chapter 21 - Internetwork Operation

orangeball Software Defined Network Research Group: Investigates SDN from various perspectives with the goal of identifying the approaches that can be defined, deployed and used in the near term as well identifying future research challenges.
orangeball IEEE Software Defined Networks Technical Community: Intended to facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Includes collection of useful articles.new3
orangeball SearchSDN: Excellent source of industry news, business-oriented white papers, and technical information on SDN and OpenFlow.
orangeball OpenFlow Project Web Site: Maintained by the Open Networking Foundation.

Chapter 22 - Internetwork QoS

orangeball RSVP Project: Home page for RSVP development.
orangeball IP Performance Metrics Working Group: Chartered by IETF to develop a set of standard metrics that can be applied to the quality, performance, and reliability of Internet data delivery services.The web site includes all relevant RFCs and Internet drafts.

Chapter 23 - MPLS

orangeball MPLS Working Group: Chartered by IETF to develop standards related to MPLS. The Web site includes all relevant RFCs and Internet drafts.
orangeball MPLS Resource Center: Provides a clearinghouse for information on MPLS; includes a useful FAQ.
orangeball Broadband Forum: Includes a FAQ and technical information about ADSL and other xDSL technologies. Forum specifications.

Chapter 24 - Email, DNS, and HTTP

orangeball World Wide Web Consortium: Contains up-to-date information on HTTP, HTML, and URLs.
orangeball HTTP bis Working Group: Chartered by IETF to make minor revisions to HTTP and to document security issues. The Web site includes all relevant RFCs and Internet drafts.
orangeball DNS Extensions Working Group: Chartered by IETF to develop standards related to DNS. The Web site includes all relevant RFCs and Internet drafts.

Chapter 25 - Multimedia

orangeball SIP Forum: Nonprofit organization to promote SIP. Site contains product information, white papers, and other useful information and links.
orangeball Audio/Video Transport Working Group: Chartered by IETF to develop standards related to RTP. The Web site includes all relevant RFCs and Internet drafts.
orangeball About RTP: Web site devoted to RTP developments, including technical and industry developments.

Chapter 26 - Computer and Network Security Threats

orangeball Computer Security Resource Center: Maintained by NIST; contains a broad range of information on security threats, technology, and standards.
orangeball CERT Coordination Center: The organization that grew from the computer emergency response team formed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Site provides good information on Internet security threats, vulnerabilities, and attack statistics.
orangeball Vmyths: Dedicated to exposing virus hoaxes and dispelling misconceptions about real viruses.

Chapter 27 - Computer and Network Security Techniques

orangeball SecureList: Site maintained by commercial antivirus software provider. Good collection of useful information on viruses, hackers, and spam.
orangeball COAST: Comprehensive set of links to sites related to cryptography and network security.
orangeball IETF Security Area: Keep up to date on Internet security standardization efforts.
orangeball Peter Gutmann's Home Page: Good collection of cryptography stuff.