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The documents and papers referenced in the book as being at the Premium Web site have been moved to The online chapters and appendices are still at the Premium Web site.

helpCourse Support Materials
orangeball Solutions manual and project manual: Available at Prentice Hall Website for this book. Go here for Prentice Hall instructor support Websites for my other books.
orangeball Project Support: This document describes support available to instructors for assigning projects to students.
orangeball Computer Security: Principles and Practice by William Stallings and Lawrie Brown (Prentice Hall, 2008). This textbook places greater emphasis on computer security issues as opposed to cryptography and network security issues. For instructors and students, there is a technical resource and course page to supplement the book.
orangeball Computer Science Student Resource Site: Help and advice for the long-suffering, overworked student.
orangeball List of References: A list of all the references from the book.
orangeball Errata sheet: Latest list of errors, updated at most monthly. File name is Errata-NetSec5e-mmyy. If you spot any errors, please contact me at Email.
orangeball Powerpoint slides: The "official" set of slides commissioned for use specifically with this book. Developed by Kim Mclaughlin. This is a partial set. Full set available soon at the Prentice Hall Instructor Resource Center for this book.
orangeball Figures: On-line transparency masters of the figures from the book in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.This is a partial set. The full set is at the Prentice Hall Instructor Resource Center for this book.
orangeball Tables: On-line transparency masters of all the tables from the book in PDF format.This is a partial set. The full set is at the Prentice Hall Instructor Resource Center for this book.
orangeball PowerPoint Slides: Another set of slides prepared for use with this book by Henric Johnson at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
orangeball The Matasano Crypto Challenges: A collection of 48 exercises that demonstrate attacks on real-world crypto systems and applications. They're derived from weaknesses in real-world systems and modern cryptographic constructions. You are given you enough info to learn about the underlying crypto concepts yourself. When you're finished, you'll not only have learned a good deal about how cryptosystems are built, but you'll also understand how they're attacked. All of the work is done in the programming language of your choice. This is an excellent supplemental learning tool.new3
orangeball Laboratory Exercises on Encryption: Two lab exercises on public-key encryption and key sharing, prepared by Prof. James Benham of Montclair State U.
orangeball A Discussion of Textbook Cost Myths: From the Text and Academic Authors Association.
NOTICE: No password is required for any downloads. Downloading sometimes fails, either because your browser mistakenly assumes a password is needed or for other reasons. If so, try using another browser or an FTP package. If that doesn't work, there might be a problem at your end or at your ISP, perhaps a firewall issue. Then you would need to talk to a system manager on your end.

mailbox Mailing List
A moderated mailing list has been set up so that instructors using this book can exchange information, suggestions, and questions with each other and with the author. To subscribe, send a blank email to You will receive a confirmation message. Just reply to this message and your subscription will be complete. To unsubscribe, send a blank email to To post a message, send to You should receive a reply to your subscription request in a few hours, asking for confirmation. If not, try again. The confirmation email asks you to confirm either by replying to the email or by going to a web link. The web link is more reliable. If you reply by email and do not receive a subsequent email confirming your subscription, try again.
library Network Security Courses
Instructors might find these web sites for courses taught using this book useful. I would appreciate hearing about web sites for other courses.
orangeball Network Security. National Taipei U. of Technology. Lab assignments.
orangeball CS4525-01 Principles of Network Security. California State University, East Bay. Includes video lectures that can be downloaded to iPod or iPhone.
orangeball CS 686-01 Special Topics in Computer Science: Privacy and Security. University of San Francisco.
orangeball ECE 6612 Computer Network Security. Georgia Tech. Quizzes and a variety of useful information.
orangeball CS 678 Data Security. Long Island U. Lecture notes.
orangeball CSC290A Network Security. Hofstra U. Slides and other useful material
orangeball CSCI 5931 Research Topic: Network Security. U. of Houston. PPT slides and handouts