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ISDN and Broadband ISDN, with Frame Relay and ATM, Fourth Edition

by William Stallings

Last Updated: 5 August 2001

This site is intended to provide support for instructors and students using the book. For more information about the book, see the Prentice-Hall Web Site. Also, see Robert Slade's book review.

Useful Web Sites

A chapter-by-chapter list of related web sites. This includes all active sites listed in the book, plus other useful sites. Suggestions welcome.


Course Support Materials

Student Resource Site: Help and advice for the long-suffering, overworked student.
Errata sheet: Latest list of errors, updated at most monthly. File name is Errata-ISDN4e-mmyy. If you spot any errors, please report them to .
Viewgraphs: On-line transparency masters of some of the figures from the book in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.
Lecture Notes: Lecture notes suitable for handout or viewgraphs in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. Prepared by Prof. Abbas Jamalipour of the University of Sydney, Australia.

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ISDN Courses

Instructors might find these web sites for courses taught using this book useful. I would appreciate hearing about web sites for other courses.

ELEC5501-Advanced Communications Networks: At University of Sydney, Australia. Includes tutorial and lecture notes.
ECSE 6660- Broadband Networks: At Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Includes some interesting course notes.

Suggestions, Please

If you have any suggestions for site content, please contact me at . In particular, please pass along links to relevant web sites and links to course pages used by instructors teaching from this book.

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Useful Web Sites

Telecomms History: Provides a useful historical perspective.

Chapter 3 - Subscriber Loop

DSL Forum: Includes a FAQ and technical information about ADSL and other xDSL technology. Forum specifications.
Dan Kegel's ADSL Page: Information on ISDN tariffs, standards status, and links to vendors.

Chapter 5 - ISDN

Dan Kegel's ISDN Page: Information on ISDN tariffs, standards status, and links to vendors.
International Telecommunication Union: Home page of ITU.
American National Standards Institute: Home page of ANSI.

Chapter 12 - Frame Relay

MPLS and Frame Relay Alliance: An industry forum to promote MPLS and frame relay.

Chapter 15 - Broadband ISDN Protocols

SONET Interoperability Forum: Discusses current products, technology, and standards.
SONET Home Page: Useful links, tutorials, white pages, FAQs.


Chapter 16 - ATM

ATM Hot Links: Excellent collection of white papers and links.
ATM Forum: Contains technical specifications, white papers, and on-line copies of the Forum's publication, 53 Bytes.
Cell Relay Retreat: Contains archives of the cell-relay mailing list, links to numerous ATM-related documents, and links to many ATM-related web sites.